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What is Freemasonry?

We are a fraternal organization that can trace our origins back to the stonemasons that built many of the famous buildings in history that still stand today.  Throughout the centuries other fraternal groups and organizations have become a part of the craft and membership all starts with petitioning and joining a regular lodge of Masonry and going through the three degrees.  On this site you will find some history about the local lodge in Hilton, New York, basic knowledge of Freemasonry in general, external resources, and contact information in case you feel that Freemasonry is for you.  Freemasonry does not actively recruit members.  Our ranks grow by good men that have an earnest desire to build themselves into greater human beings that want to make a difference in their community by setting an example on how to live honestly and show good will and charity to those in need.

Does Freemasonry have a Religion?

Contrary to what the conspiracy theories say there is not an official religion of Freemasonry.  We are a faith based organization, but are accepting of whatever faith each member believes in.  The basic faith within Freemasonry is that there is only one higher power in the form of a Supreme Architect of the Universe or God.  This is what the "G" in the middle of the Square and Compass stands for in the center of our iconic logo.  A believe in the immortal soul of mankind, however the afterlife is to you as long as there is one.  So there are all different religions that meet together within the fraternity.  There are prayers in Freemasonry and they reflect the beliefs of the majority of that particular lodge.  The Grand Lodge of New York requires all New York Lodges to have a Holy Bible open on the alter.  If an individual is going through a Degree they may have another holy book of their choice open as well provided it is not touching the Holy Bible.  In fact religion is a topic that is forbidden, along with politics, within Lodge to avoid conflicts between the Brothers.  

Equality within the Craft

All of the members of a lodge are referred to as Brothers, a Brother being a single individual regardless of their status or position in lodge.  There are positions of authority in lodge and you have have heard of some.  The Master of the lodge is one example that you may be familiar with.  He is responsible for making sure the lodge runs correctly and governs each meeting.  There are three degrees of Freemasonry and each degree is to teach the Brother the information and history that gives Freemasonry its foundation in which to build from.  All the Brothers go through this process and are equally responsible for imparting the knowledge of the craft to the younger generations.  Just as the old stonemasons did with their craft knowledge in ancient times.  There are a wide range of ages, jobs, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds within each lodge and all are set on equal footing and without being judged based on how much they make, color of their skin, or where their ancestors came from.  You will find that it truly is an open and accepting group that is focused on caring about others.

Next Fundraising Events:

Euchre Tournament

It is the start of a new year and that means the Euchre Tournaments are back! Join us at Pleasure Lanes Bowling Center Hilton (144 South Ave, Hilton, NY 14468), for some fun filled rounds of this populate north east card game. There will be raffles, 50/50, and pizza at the end.  Game registration starts at 12:00 noon and dealing starts at 1:00pm.

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